• Shaz Muradova

Window display illustrations for MyLittleCup in South Ealing

After months of lockdown over spring and summer, it was evident that a lot of the local businesses were not doing so well and were quite tired. I'm quite keen on supporting local businesses as much as I can so I reached out to one of my favourite shops in the neighbourhood - MyLittleCup and offered to illustrate their window displays free of charge.

My main objective was to bring some cheer to the shop and make each customer smile as they stop by to get their morning coffee.

Bertrand, the owner of the shop, was nice and explained their ethos and principles as a business - a local coffee shop that provides sustainable, fairtrade coffee, always fresh and tasty – it's a place to meet, chat and connect. So after confirming the initial sketch idea, I got to work on their windows with their eye-catching brand colour – yellow!

Would you like to have your window displays illustrated as well?

It's a great way to announce you're back in business and cheer your customers up:

  • It attracts attention!

  • It's a great way to tell your brand story.

  • Celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Veganuary and so much more...

  • Make reminders fun (wear a mask, contactless only, etc).

  • It's 'instagrammable', so it will be shared on social media

  • It will make your customers smile

How it works: email me with your details, we'll have an intro call and talk about your idea, what you want to tell your customers, your story, we agree on the timelines and the pricing. Then I sketch initial ideas for your approval, and once you're happy, I start painting!

Speak soon!



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